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Pursuing & Defending against Modifications

      Family court orders reflect the family circumstances at the time the order is entered. As time goes on, these circumstances may change. If an existing order no longer meets your needs or applies to your current situation, you may be able to modify the order.

      At Kathy C George & Associates, we routinely help clients seek modifications to orders that were established several years prior. An arrangement that worked long ago does not necessarily work today.

      We can help you fight for the proper modifications to better suit your current life. Our Pinellas County modification lawyers take the time to carefully assess your situation so that we can build a strong case on your behalf.

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Court Orders That Can Be Modified

      Most types of family court orders can be changed by seeking a modification through the court.

We can help you modify orders for:

      Keep in mind that property division arrangements generally cannot be modified unless there is proof that the original order was affected by fraud, a mistake, or some other problem.

How Can I Modify a Court Order?

      All modifications must be approved by a judge. Modification requests will only be approved if you can demonstrate a significant change in circumstances that requires modification. If children are involved, the changes must also reflect their best interests.

Examples of a significant change in circumstances that could be grounds for a modification include:

  • Relocation for a job
  • Job loss or promotion
  • Serious illness or injury
  • A child’s changing needs as they age
  • Domestic abuse or neglect
  • One parent remarries or cohabitates with a new partner
  • A death in the family

Work with Kathy C George & Associates

      As a client-focused firm that exclusively practices family law, we know that your family is constantly changing and growing. As the days and years pass, your family’s situation is sure to shift. We can be there to help you demonstrate your need for modifications or to explain why your ex-spouse’s proposed modification is not in the family’s best interests.

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